This acknowledgement appeared in this article: "I sincerely thank Ephraim Fuchs for persisting until I understood what he meant by "the immune system doesn’t discriminate between self and nonself".

In the transcript of BBC Horizon's "Turned on by danger" Polly Matzinger says: "One of the things that Ephraim and I kept discussing...actually I think it was Ephraim's idea first - is that evolutionarily the immune system that fights everything that's foreign is not nearly as useful as an immune system that only fights things that are dangerous."

Narrator: "Polly drew on this work and that of other scientists in putting together the Danger Model in a 50 page review paper, and she didn't tell Ephraim she was writing it until she'd finished."

Ephraim Fuchs: "Yeah it upset me. When she sort of said, well here's this paper I've written...would you like to be an author on it? I would have liked to have had more input on it because when I read it there were parts that I disagreed with. So it would have been nice to have gotten in on the ground level, but at the same time she was writing some things that clearly I was not thinking about and in retrospect at the time I don't think I was capable of thinking about...I really didn't bring it to its logical conclusion and she did."

Narrator: "The theory went off to be published in the Annual Reviews of Immunology and she waited for a reaction."

And, this was the article published:-"Tolerance, Danger, and the Extended Family", P Matzinger, Vol. 12, 1994, pp. 991–1045. This was the last article in this Annual Review of Immunology. It looks as though it may have been a late entry. Ron Schwartz was a Guest Editor this year (Responsible for planning).

Pérez-Díez, A. "Legends of allergy/immunology: Polly Matzinger" Allergy 2020 Aug;75(8):2136-2138.